PS5 Pro

Take-Two CEO, Strauss Zelnick, believes the persistent rumour that a mid-generation refresh is happening, and is anticipating it at some point. We're most of the way onboard ourselves (like most of our readers), so perhaps this shouldn't be a massive surprise.

In an interview with, the executive, when asked whether he expected to see a console refresh from Sony, answered: "We probably will". Later, he elaborates, stating that he doesn't think it will "affect the business very much." We suppose he would be in a position to know.

Considering some AAA, PS5-exclusive games have needed multiple performance patches to get to where they should be at launch. Perhaps developers just need some more horsepower rather than having to find workarounds to get the framerate where it should be (at or as near 60 as possible). Where are you at with the idea of a PS5 Pro? Future-proof yourself in the comments section below.

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