Look, there probably will be a PS5 Pro — we don't see why Sony would deviate from the roadmap that made the PS4 such a huge success. But could such a console release as early as 2024? Apparently so, according to Insider Gaming. The often reliable website reports that Sony could be targeting a late 2024 date for its supposedly in-development PS5 Pro, citing unnamed sources.

Of course, we're sitting here already expecting a new PS5 model to launch this year. Rumours have long been swirling with regards to a reworked PS5 featuring a detachable disc drive — but it's important to note that this design overhaul is not a PS5 Pro.

So, could a PS5 Pro really be on the cards for 2024? While it does seem a bit early at first glance — given that stock shortages essentially postponed this console generation until... well, until now — it certainly doesn't sound implausible. With PS5 sales skyrocketing over recent months, it's possible that Sony will want to capitalise on the momentum as quickly as it can.

What's more, we need to remember that the PS5 is actually closing in on being three years old. Although it almost feels like the generation is only just getting properly started — again, those stock shortages — it'll have been around for four whole years when this Pro supposedly launches.

But at the same time, if this rumour does turn out to be true, it'll likely mean that Sony is planning on releasing two new consoles in the space of a year or so. That does seem a bit pushy from our perspective; imagine snapping up one of those detachable disc drive PS5s and then being told there's a Pro model dropping 12 months later.

What do you make of all this? Could you see the PS5 Pro being a reality in 2024? Become an armchair analyst in the comments section below.

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