Hideo Kojima
Image: Kojima Productions

A veritable armada of Sony staffers has descended upon Kojima Productions, with the surreal studio nestled deep in the historical redlight district of Roppongi in downtown Tokyo. There, members of XDEV, SIE's marketing team, and other various members of Sony's corporate structure got to mug for the camera (with that epic statue of Ludens, no less) like one of Kojima's celebrity pals.

It's a long way to go for a social call, so we have to imagine there was a purpose to the trip. With the long-awaited PlayStation Showcase finally revealed (focusing on games both "big and small"), it's possible we might learn more in the coming days.

What mysteries do you think Sony staffers were initiated into in Kojima's cathedral of game design, where his word is law, and his whims are made manifest? Also, where can we get one of those sick hoodies? Get conspiratorial in the comments section below.

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