Kojima Productions' studio has had a bit of an upgrade since the last time we saw it. A while ago, we learned the company had moved into a new office building, but with the above new video, we get to tour the inside of the Japanese developer's digs. Guided by Japanese voice actor Akio Otsuka, it's kind of ridiculous.

Upon reaching the studio's floor of the skyscraper, you're greeted by an almost irresponsibly dark entryway before your retinas are scorched by a stark change to a pure white lobby. The famous Ludens statue greets you on your way in as before, but the whole space is much bigger than it used to be. Off to one side is what's described as a "drawing room", and on the opposite side is a gallery space, where Kojima's body of work is presented like a museum exhibit.

Next is a staff lounge/canteen, and it could easily be mistaken for a fancy hotel were it not for the Death Stranding merch. It leads into a hallway with various meeting rooms and other amenities before breaking out into the main work space. We then get to see the studio's movie theatre, Yoji Shinkawa's workshop, cabinets full of awards, swanky meeting rooms, dressing rooms, and recording spaces.

The minimalist design is retained from the team's previous offices, but this is a whole other level. What do you think of Kojima Productions' base of operations? Let us know in the comments section below.

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