Marvel's Avengers PS5 PS4 Patch PlayStation Crystal Dynamics 1

Marvel’s Avengers was supposed to receive its last ever patch earlier this week, but it’s only gone and got another one. To be fair, Crystal Dynamics has released v2.8.2 on PS5 and PS4 to clean up a handful of remaining hiccups, and it deserves credit for returning to the well one last time in order to solve any outstanding issues. “We expect this to be the final patch to Marvel’s Avengers before the end of support on 30th September,” a spokesperson said.

What does the patch do, then? Well, it’s definitely clean-up stuff, largely related to a handful of issues that emerged when the developer made all of the game’s post-release content free. We’ve included the patch notes below:

  • Update 2.8.2 addresses the issue preventing founders – any player who has earned an Achievement/Trophy prior to April 1 – from receiving Iron Man’s ‘Variable Threat Response Battle Suit.’
    • Some players aren’t able to receive this Founders’ Gift if they migrated from PS4 to PS5 and didn’t earn any Trophies before April 1. Update 2.8.2 offers this workaround:
      • Load the PS4 version of Marvel’s Avengers, and equip the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit. Then, migrate your PS4 save to PS5. If you do this, the next time you log in on the PS5 version, the Outfit will be unlocked.
  • We have removed all Hero Card-related objectives to fix the issue where Update 2.8’s removal of Hero Cards prevented the completion of certain mission chains.

Have you returned to Marvel’s Avengers recently at all? Do you intend to prior to the title’s discontinuation? Equip your very best gear in the comments section below.