Marvel's Avengers PS5 PS4 PlayStation

Marvel's Avengers is officially on its last legs, with support for the lethargic live-service game coming to an end in September, with one last big patch making almost all content in the game free and setting the state of the game in stone. The single-player segment of the game, the campaign and associated side missions will still be playable post-September, for those of you still clamouring to play through it.

Square Enix has apparently renamed the title to reflect this, being rebranded as Marvel's Avengers - The Definitive Edition on PSN and other digital platforms. Behold this powerful new marketing direction in action below:

Marvel's Avengers - The Definitive Edition PS5 PS4 PlayStation

What do you think of this latest move from Square Enix? Is it ever too late to cast yourself in a new light, or is this simply a case of too little, too late? Reinvent yourself in the comments section below.