The Last of Us: Part I PC

Another patch has been released for the embattled PC port of The Last of Us: Part I, this one weighing in at a hefty 25GB. And while it's only been live for a few hours, players are already reporting some positive improvements, particularly on mid-range machines.

Patch purports to optimize framerates and improve graphical and texture fidelity, in addition to the usual swathe of bug fixes. Further, Naughty Dog promises further patches, focusing on CPU optimization and further performance enhancements.

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It seems like there is still quite a-ways to go with The Last of Us on PC, but at least the bleeding has stopped, and hopefully, our console-eschewing cousins can experience the game the way it was intended in the not-too-distant future. At least we will always have the memes to remember this rather bizarre blemish on Naughty Dog's mostly untarnished record.

Are you playing The Last of Us on PC currently? Have you noticed a performance improvement since the latest patch was dropped? Begin compiling your shaders in the comments section below.

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