Suicide Squad PS5 Delay
Image: Push Square

It's easily overlooked, but we think it's worth pointing out that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is currently on course for its 26th May release date on PS5. Reportedly, the co-op-focused action-shooter has been delayed, but we're still waiting on an official statement.

Indeed, news of a delay broke through Bloomberg's reliable Jason Schreier about a month ago, on the 9th March. That report said Suicide Squad would be pushed back until later in the year, and a follow-up story claimed that the live service title could actually slip all the way into 2024.

It's worth reiterating that such a delay would not result in an overhaul of the game's systems, which were quite frankly torn to shreds by onlookers following the title's State of Play showcase in February. According to the aforementioned reports, the delay would allow the development team to prioritise further polish.

But again, this delay hasn't actually happened yet. At least, not publicly. And with Suicide Squad due out in roughly six weeks, the announcement has to be coming sooner rather than later.

Is it possible, though, that Suicide Squad hasn't been delayed? Well, for what it's worth, we wouldn't really be doubting Schreier on a situation like this — but it obviously all depends on what's happening at developer Rocksteady's office. It's possible that plans have changed more than once, but if that's the case, then said office must be in chaos.

Knowing our luck, the official delay announcement will be posted minutes from the publishing of this article. But until that happens, let us know what you make of this saga in the comments section below.