It looks like Rocksteady fumbled its big opportunity to sell Suicide Squad: The Justice League this week, as the response to the release has been abysmal at best. A widely-shared Forbes Contributor op-ed ran with the headline that the PS5 game looks like “live service hell”, and frankly we’ve seen a similar sentiment all over social media.

Considering this is the next title from the award-winning – and, frankly, highly regarded – Batman: Arkham team, it’s a frightening fall from grace. Fans are absolutely aghast that the release requires an Internet connection even in single player, but perhaps worst of all, they can’t believe it’s following in the footsteps of the notorious flop Marvel’s Avengers – with a less recognisable cast.

While we thought the gameplay looked frantic in a fun way in the latest State of Play, many have pointed out how bizarre it is that characters like Harley Quinn and King Shark are both wielding firearms, when their fighting styles should probably revolve around melee. It’s also been noted how the combat encounters appear to devolve down to shooting purple orbs.

The release is already being compared to a big budget Agents of Mayhem – a game which was glimpsed in Poundland mere months after release. While we’re reserving full judgement until we’ve tried the title for ourselves, we imagine Rocksteady expected to win over gamers with this week’s showing. If anything, we think it’s done more damage than good…