Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League PS5 PlayStation 5 Delays

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is still officially on schedule for 26th May, but reliable Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier insists it’s been delayed. Apparently, staff have been told internally that the title will come out later this year, and the reason nothing’s been announced yet is because Rocksteady is still trying to decide on a new release date. There’s a possibility it could slip into 2024.

The delay is likely due to polish, but publisher Warner Bros will not have been able to ignore the disastrous feedback to the release’s recent State of Play re-reveal. Among a multitude of issues, the loudest criticisms were pointed at the title’s lacklustre gameplay loop – which seemed to centre on shooting purple orbs – and an unnecessary emphasis on gear score.

But according to Schreier, the delay won’t make a difference to these divisive elements. “One thing seems certain,” he wrote on Twitter. “The core game isn't changing.”

That’s unsurprising, of course, given Rocksteady has already spent the best part of a decade developing this game, and delayed it multiple times. Personally, we think the damage may already be done: the release’s Destiny-style influences look dated in 2023, and we’re not convinced there’s a massive market for these characters anyway. Hopefully we’re proven wrong, but we’re struggling to see enormous sales numbers here.