The unreported piece of Sony hardware that's been alluded to over the past week could be a "cloud-streaming handheld" according to Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomb. Overnight, the journalist tweeted about having heard of such a device and then advised fans to "definitely scope down those expectations". Instead of a PS Vita 2, this is said to be a handheld based around streaming games to let you play them on the go.

It's important to note Grubb only posted about the rumoured piece of hardware instead of reporting on it via his Game Mess Mornings daily show. Therefore, it's possible his sources aren't as sure about the supposed device than Tom Henderson's of Insider Gaming.

The website has followed up on its claims and Jeff Grubb's post with a full report, claiming to have details on the device. Codenamed the Q Lite, it's supposedly designed more around the PS5's Remote Play feature rather than cloud streaming. It'll support a 1080p resolution at up to 60 frames-per-second according to the article. "The device sports adaptive triggers for haptic feedback and will include what you would come to expect from a handheld — volume buttons, speakers, an audio input jack, etc."

Reports from the latter claim this device will be released before the PS5 Pro (another rumoured piece of hardware). One more thing Sony reportedly has in the works is a detachable disc drive for the PS5. None of this has been confirmed by the platform holder yet, however. A rumoured PlayStation Showcase before Summer Game Fest in June seems like a good place to make at least some of this hardware public, though.

Should the device prove to be real, then it appears designed to make use of cloud technology in order to stream games to the handheld rather than run them natively. As such, you'll need to rely on a constant, reliable internet connection in order to play games. Would you be interested in such a device? Share your streamed thoughts in the comments below.

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