PlayStation New Hardware Rumours
Image: Push Square

The normally reliable Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming has mused that we could see some kind of new hardware from Sony imminently, sooner even than the rumoured PS5 Pro, if you could believe such a thing.

Henderson alludes to another piece of Sony hardware coming down the pipeline in a recent stream, stating: "There's also another piece of Sony hardware that will be released before the [PS5] Pro I'm likely to talk about very soon. There's more hardware coming from Sony than what has been reported on." He later reiterates this on Twitter:

As usual, take this all with an extra helping of salt until we get official word from Sony. Previously, Insider Gaming reported that a PS5 with a detachable disk drive is also in the works, so if all of this is shown to be real, we could be swimming in PS5 iterations, perhaps peripherals as well. Some kind of PlayStation wearable, perhaps, a stylish watch that integrates with PS Stars? Your guess is as good as ours.

What do you think of Henderson's latest claim? What piece of hardware would you most like to see out of Sony, and why is it the PlayStation Vita 2? Let us know in the comments section below.

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