Railway Empire 2 is a railway tycoon management game we've been keeping a gleeful eye on for some time now, and we finally got a release date. Please have your PS5 tickets ready for inspection on 25th May

Like its excellent predecessor, Railway Empire, the thing that sets this sim experience from the rest is the competitive aspect, whether against the AI or other players. You can play underhanded tricks to get the jump on the opposition and are competing to create the most lucrative railway networks possible. It's a fun formula that can easily suck you in, and Railway Empires 2 looks to expand on that formula in some big ways, like with the inclusion of cooperative game modes, for those looking for something less cutthroat.

Did you play the original Railway Empires, and are you looking forward to Railway Empires 2? Or are tycoon management sims not really your thing? All aboard for the comments section below.

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