Announced just hours ahead of Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022, publisher Kalypso Media has revealed Railway Empire 2, a railway and economic strategy game and sequel to the fantastic Railway Empire.

Set in the early 1800s, the Railway Empire games task you with transforming your small company into an industrial powerhouse, and ensuring the trains run on time will be the very least of your worries. Use bribes, sabotage and competitive pricing to get ahead of the competition, and ensure you are the last one standing.

Utilising the power of the PS5, Railway Empires 2 features two sprawling maps that were previously impossible, one spanning all of continental Europe, the other covering the vastness of North America. In addition, there are five campaigns, 14 different scenarios for bite-sized challenges, and dozens of accurately modelled trains and locomotives to employ. You can even board one of your own trains, and bask in the splendour that is your meticulously laid track.

What do you think of Railway Empire 2? Did you play the original? All aboard for the comments section below.