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Earlier in the month, a Bloomberg report citing analysis from IDC’s Francisco Jeronimo suggested that PSVR2 was off to a “slow” start and would need a price cut to avoid “complete disaster”. This prompted plenty of hand-wringing from enthusiasts, who pointed to many perceived “problems” with the product, including its cost, software selection, and lack of backwards compatibility.

More context suggests the headset may not be off to the same dismal start as has been reported, however. Bloomberg anticipates that the PSVR2 sold between 270k and 300k units from launch through the end of March, which would actually make it the fastest selling wired headset ever released. In fact, it took PSVR five months to reach 915,000 units, while PSVR2 may have managed a third of that in one.

Now the danger here is that sales could slow to a crawl – especially when it’s only available from PS Direct in many major territories. It’s also worth noting that the 270k to 300k figure is an estimate, and hasn’t been confirmed by the Japanese giant. We may learn more about PSVR2’s actual install base during the company’s next earnings call.

Regardless of whether the headset has started slow or strong, we still think the organisation needs to show more of its hand and outline what kind of software we can look forward to for the device in the coming months. Our first hands on with Firewall Ultra painted a promising picture of the future, but as the only Sony published project in the peripheral’s pipeline, there needs to be more.

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