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It’s a problem as old as time: we like to describe it as the Thank You for Your Purchase Heart Attack. We’ve all experienced it on at least one occassion in our lives: we’ve hurriedly downloaded the latest PS Plus games, checked our inbox an hour later, and felt the blood rush from our faces. “Thank You for Your Purchase.” We’ve been hacked!

Of course, none of us had been hacked, it was just a receipt from Sony telling us we’d successfully claimed our free games. But that message has been the bane of PlayStation players for over a decade now – and it sounds like it’s finally been solved. Reddit was the first to notice the alteration, before it was picked up by PlayStation Lifestyle and shared elsewhere.

And it does appear to be true! We claimed this month’s latest PS Plus Essential games, including Meet Your Maker and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and we got nada. Many other people all over the Internet are reporting the same, so it does sound like Sony’s tinkered with its automated email code. We should probably wait until next month’s lineup just to be doubly sure.

This change has been long overdue, really. We understand the purpose of the confirmation emails, but the way the subject lines were worded just caused unnecessary anxiety – no matter how fleeting. Let’s hope this is now officially the end of this sorry chapter, and we can move forward without that that sense of post-PS Plus paranoia.

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