Gran Turismo

Good news, racing fans: if positive first impressions are anything to go by, it looks like the Gran Turismo movie adaptation could actually end up being okay. The tale of a GT player who grew up to be a professional racer is one that has roots in reality, and the film itself sounds genuinely compelling. We've been grievously wounded by unholy adaptations before, however, so forgive us if we remain only tentatively optimistic.

Impressions of a trailer shown off at CinemaCon were positive, and stars David Harbour and Orlando Bloom put in an appearance. As never happens in the buttoned-up world of video game journalism, some early impressions from the press in attendance were posted early and were helpfully compiled on Reddit.

Remember, these are legit film critics, too: their judgement (probably) remains unclouded by series fandom, as only those working in the motion picture industry were invited to attend. We will, of course, reserve final judgement for ourselves and are looking forward to seeing Gran Turismo on the big screen.

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