Well, much like the cars the franchise is focused on, this film has happened fast, hasn’t it? In fact, filming is already finished on director Neil Blomkamp’s adaptation of Gran Turismo, and it’s currently in post-production ahead of a theatrical launch on 11th August, 2023 worldwide. Want to watch a tiny little teaser? Click on the trailer above.

This short, 60-second video features some commentary from actors Orlando Bloom and David Harbour, as well as various short clips from the film. Effectively, this is based on the true story of Jann Mardenborough, who won the GT Academy competition in 2011 and went on to become a real-life race car driver.

The cinematography looks impressive in the brief shots shown, so this is clearly going to be a real looker on the big screen. Blomkamp spoke a little during Sony’s CES press conference about how he’s using the company’s state of the art cameras to not only get exquisite close-up shots from within the cockpit of the car, but also to replicate some of the angles from the game – as glimpsed in the clip.

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