Ghostwire: Tokyo received a big PS5 update last week, coinciding with the game's Xbox Series X|S launch. Digital Foundry, doing what the technical wizards there do best, got to work beneath the hood, comparing and contrasting the various iterations of the supernatural FPS.

Digital Foundry awarded the PS5 version the dubious honour of being "better", stating that Ghostwire: Tokyo on Xbox Series S|X runs "quantifiably worse than the PlayStation 5 version, which wasn't great to begin with." Apparently, Xbox Series X performance was found to be 5-10% lower than PS5 on average, with the bizarre caveat that resolution on the X is lower, too. DF found the whole thing to be a "really weird situation" and "a bit of a mess".

Originally a PS5 exclusive, we first learned Ghostwire: Tokyo would be coming to Xbox consoles after Bethesda (which had been acquired by Microsoft in 2020) showed off a large piece wall art in it's swanky London office.

What has your experience been with Ghostwire? Are you considering checking out the ever-so-slightly enhanced PS5 version? Let us know in the comments section below.

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