Looks like 24th March could be the last dance for Bethesda and PlayStation 5 owners, as Ghostwire Tokyo’s release date has seemingly leaked on the PS Store. While we’ve been unable to replicate this potential error for ourselves, MP1st grabbed a couple of screenshots showing the aforementioned release date on the game’s product page.

It’s worth noting that this could, potentially, be a mistake – but the title was always targeting an early 2022 release date following its delay last year, so it feels believable. Much like Deathloop, Sony has timed exclusivity dibs on this Tango Gameworks title, so that’s why it’s still coming to the PS5 – despite Microsoft now owning Bethesda and its development teams in full.

This looks legit to us, although when checking on the UK PS Store we just got a 'Coming Soon' message for Ghostwire Tokyo's release date
Image: MP1st

We’ll check in with both Sony and Bethesda to see if it can clarify the release date, but we have to imagine an official announcement is imminent either way.

[source mp1st.com]