Coinciding with its release on Xbox Series X|S consoles, Ghostwire: Tokyo has been updated on PS5 to include new content and modes. Named the Spider's Thread, there's a new rogue-lite mode that takes you through 30 stages of combat tests, new side quests in the main game, extended story cutscenes, and Photo Mode enhancements. Get it downloading now on PS5, or start the full game via PS Plus Extra.

The rogue-lite mode is where you'll want to put upgraded combat abilities to the test against a few new enemy types. In addition, one of the new optional missions adds another location to the map: a haunted school where students are going missing. "Uncover the secrets behind the strange phenomena occurring in the haunted school, including an eerie science mannequin, a paranormal sighting in the bathroom and even the legend of Hananko-san," the PlayStation Blog teases. Then, another side quest tasks you with locating 25 photographs.

In our Ghostwire: Tokyo PS5 review, we awarded the game a 6/10 and praised its combat system and DualSense controller support. Repetition sets in quite quickly in the base game, though, so hopefully this new update adds some variety. It's all free, so you need not pay anything to give it a chance. "Excellent PS5 DualSense controller support, haunting elements, and nice visuals aside, Ghostwire: Tokyo will have to go down as a miss."