Trails to Azure Tribute

It's taken a long, long time, but Trails to Azure is officially available outside of Japan. The excellent RPG was originally a PSP title, but its PS4 re-release is out today (in North America, at least — Europe has to wait until the 17th March).

Anyway, you may not know this, but Trails to Azure was fully translated by fans years ago. A group called The Geofront — named after an underground structure in the Trails games — has long been providing unofficial localisations for Falcom's series, and its efforts were actually used as the basis for the official Western releases of Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure, in partnership with publisher NIS America.

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A key member of The Geofront's team was Scott Tijerina, who sadly passed away last year. And, in a touching tribute to Scott, the newly localised version of Trails to Azure features a post-credits message that reads: "In Memory of Scott Tijerina".

"Geofront's Azure only happened because of you," writes The Geofront on Twitter. "As a tribute, your name is featured prominently in NISA's Azure — forever immortalized in the game you cherished, alongside the legendary heroes you loved. You are dearly missed — but will never be forgotten."

It's a poignant nod to someone who clearly had so much love for the Trails series — someone whose passion-fuelled work paved the way for the official releases of these games.

With that in mind, and as huge fans of the Trails games ourselves, we'd also like to thank Scott and The Geofront team for everything they've done over the years.