The Forest PS4 PlayStation

Sons of the Forest is something of a phenomenon right now over on PC, selling more than $2 million copies in its first 24 hours on the market. A PlayStation iteration has yet to be announced but we imagine one has to be in the works if only by virtue of the popularity of its predecessor, 2018's cannibal-filled survival game, The Forest, enjoyed last month.

The PS4 iteration of The Forest ranked as the third most-downloaded game on the platform in Europe (losing out to megalith The Last of Us: Part II and the perpetually popular Minecraft), and eighth in the US. The Forest itself has racked up an impressive 5 million sales in its own right since launch, and can regularly be found at a discounted price.

Sons of the Forest was released into Early Access on 23rd February, which makes the feat even more impressive, launching so late into the sales cycle, and not being the final product, to boot.

Are you a fan of The Forest? Are you hoping a PlayStation iteration of Sons of the Forest makes its way to our collective platform of choice in the not-too-distant future? Do whatever it takes to survive in the comments section below.