Saints Row Updates

Love it or hate it, the new Saints Row is getting a glut of post-launch support over the next few months. Developer Volition has revealed a roadmap for upcoming content, which includes three (paid) expansions and three (free) major updates.

Things really get going in May, with the first expansion, titled The Heist and the Hazardous, bringing "new story missions, events, cosmetics, and more". Interestingly, the accompanying May update promises a "combat overhaul", as well as a new district and a photo mode. Quite a meaty patch, then.

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It's the same again in July, with the second expansion adding a "new solo mode", while the second update brings "new features and improvements". The final and currently unnamed expansion drops in August, adding more story stuff. And yes, that also arrives with a free update, boasting yet more "features and improvements".

Saints Row Roadmap

Honestly, all of this support sounds quite robust, which is perhaps surprising given that the game reportedly didn't meet sales expectations. But hey, Deep Silver and Volition did promise this kind of post-launch onslaught, so it's nice to see that it's actually happening.

Did you think Saints Row would forge ahead with support like this? Could you see yourself revisiting the game when these updates drop? Run your own criminal organisation in the comments section below.