Saints Row Sales

Embracer Group, the company that ultimately funded last year's Saints Row reboot, has had to re-evaluate its approach to greenlighting new games. In the firm's latest financial report, it essentially admits that the new Saints Row didn't meet sales expectations, while assuring investors that it's still "making a healthy risk-adjusted profit on games".

However, it goes on to suggest a stricter funding policy is in order, now that the dust has settled. It says: "We have therefore increased management focus and efforts to optimize investments and efficiency across the group even further."

All of this is perhaps best summed up with one particular sentence: "each project has to earn its right to exist." The report continues: "we will increase our efforts to put quality first even further, and make sure we create unique positive player experiences."

It perhaps seems a little harsh to single out Saints Row like that, but we suppose it is a prime example of what Embracer Group is trying to communicate. The project clearly had a decent marketing budget, it was in development for years, and it was later hit with a hefty delay. When it finally launched in August 2022, it was met with mostly middling reviews, and it managed to divide existing Saints Row fans. Not exactly a positive series of events.

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