Syphon Filter PS5 PS4 PS Plus Premium Trophies

All the Syphon Filter games are pretty good, but 2006’s portable instalment Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is undoubtedly the best. The game – developed by Days Gone maker Bend Studio – was a real showcase for Sony’s handheld at the time, and it was even eventually ported to the PS2 because it proved so impressive on the small screen.

And now that very same game is coming to PS5 and PS4, courtesy of PS Plus Premium. While it’s yet to be officially confirmed by the platform holder, ratings have been popping up around the world for some time – and now the release’s Trophies have hit Sony’s servers. Fortunately, the gongs are outrageously straightforward: you just need to complete all the chapters in the campaign.

The original release also had a really good local and online multiplayer mode, which we’re assuming won’t be available in this emulated release. Fortunately, the campaign is a globe-trotting feast, offering up a good mixture of high-octane third-person thrills and spills and tech-led espionage. This will be a great addition to the All PS Plus Games catalogue.