War Machine Marvel's Avengers PS5 PS4 PlayStation 5 Sony 1

There’s still a little life left in Marvel’s Avengers, but the pulse is faint at this point. Crystal Dynamics is eager to celebrate the release before it’s permanently taken offline on 30th September, however, and it’s handing out a free War Machine skin for anyone that’s stuck around. The caveat here is that you’ll need to have unlocked at least one Trophy before 1st April, 2023 in order to be eligible for the armour – presumably because the developer wants to specifically reward fans who’ve been along for the ride.

Technically, this is an Iron Man skin rather than an entirely new character, and the ‘Variable Threat Response Battle Suit’ will be available alongside update v2.8, which is being billed as the release’s final hurrah. There were plans to add She-Hulk and Captain Marvel to the game as well – dialogue for both was even discovered in the game code – but the title failed to find an audience, and its lifespan has been curtailed as a consequence.

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