She-Hulk Marvel's Avengers PS5 PlayStation 5 PS4 1
Image: Marvel

Many felt that Crystal Dynamics may disassemble development of the oft-maligned Marvel’s Avengers following the fulfilment of its contractually obligated Spider-Man add-on earlier this year, but it seems the studio is busy beavering away on a new addition: She-Hulk. The character was first teased by a Twitter insider, and before you roll your eyes, this is the same person who previously leaked Christopher Judge’s involvement with the Black Panther DLC in the release.

He wrote that American actress Krizia Bajos had signed on to voice Jennifer Walters’ green-skinned alter-ego, which on its own wouldn’t be much of a story. However, Bajos has since retweeted the post with a green heart emoji, practically confirming the news. Presumably this will be a free add-on like all previous content in the co-op brawler, although She-Hulk will almost certainly launch alongside a raft of premium cosmetics and a Character Pass.

The timing makes sense for She-Hulk: a Disney+ show starring Tatiana Maslany is imminent, while there have been various references to the character found within the game. Would you be interested in Walters’ addition, though? Smash the comments section below to let us know.

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