Lemnis Gate PS5 PS4

Lately, we've seen a fair few announcements of multiplayer games shutting down servers in the near future. It's unfortunate, but enjoyable titles like Rumbleverse and Knockout City are only sticking around for a little while longer. The latest online multiplayer game going the same way is Lemnis Gate.

The PS5 and PS4 first-person shooter released in September 2021, meaning it'll have remained online for less than two years. It has a neat concept: two players take turns to complete normal multiplayer shooter actions within a short timeframe. As the match goes on, all the characters' actions play out within that same time loop, opening up all kinds of possibilities. You can counter your opponent's rush for the objective by gunning them down, but on their next turn, perhaps they throw a grenade to counter your counter. It's an inventive idea, but sadly one that won't be sticking around.

"From April 11 2023, Lemnis Gate will be removed from sale on all platforms," reads a statement on Steam. "However, we will be keeping the multiplayer servers online so you can all continue to enter the loop until July 11 2023, at which point they will be closed." If you have the game on console, you'll be able to carry on playing local multiplayer and training modes past that closure date.

So, it's not going away immediately; you can buy the game until 11th April, and play it online until 11th July. After that, the online services will be shut down.

Are you a keen Lemnis Gate player? What do you make of all these multiplayer titles shutting down service? Let us know in the comments section below.

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