Since its inception, MLB The Show has been roundly focused on Major League Baseball, but this year’s addition will see the addition of the Negro Leagues as part of a new, documentary-style campaign mode – and international baseball, with the integration of the World Baseball Classic. Over 100 players will be included across teams from over 20 countries, allowing you to represent your very own nation when you step up to the plate.

Beginning from 24th March, to align with the game’s Early Access launch, you’ll be able to play through the World Baseball Classic Program, unlocking new Flashback players, bat skins, and Legends to add to your roster. Moreover, if you purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition, you’ll automatically receive one choice pack with World Baseball Classic Diamond player items and one choice pack with World Baseball Classic country uniform items.

“Add MVP outfielders from different international leagues with Mookie Betts (Team USA) and Jung-hoo Lee (Team Korea), and pitch with journeyman Marek Minarik, who helped Team Czech Republic qualify for the first time in the World Baseball Classic,” San Diego Studio’s Stephen Hass revealed on the PS Blog. “Other new Flashbacks include Team Chinese Taipei star players Chieh-Hsien Chen, Li Lin, and Kungkuan Giljegiljaw.”

Around the World packs, available from launch, will allow you to add more international talent to your team, greatly expanding the scope of the content available in this year’s Diamond Dynasty offering.