Citizen Sleeper 1

An indie game you may have heard about last year was Citizen Sleeper — a narrative-driven RPG that popped up on several Game of the Year shortlists. Released last year to critical acclaim, publisher Fellow Traveller has now announced a port to PS5 and PS4.

As detailed on the PS Blog, the game was mostly made by one person under the studio name Jump Over the Age. The game takes inspiration from tabletop RPGs, with dice rolls playing a big part in how you approach each day aboard a large space station. After rolling your dice, you can choose where to play them, with higher rolls resulting in better outcomes.

You can prioritise whatever you like — making an honest living working shifts, investigating some conspiracy, or getting to know a range of interesting characters. It looks to be a pretty text-heavy game, with the storyline very much leading the way, and we imagine repeat playthroughs will give you various results as you explore all the branching possibilities.

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As well as the base game, the PS5 and PS4 release will also include the three DLC chapters, so it's the complete package coming to Sony's systems.

We're excited to see what all the fuss is about when Citizen Sleeper arrives on 31st March. Will you be checking this one out? Take a nap in the comments section below.