PS5 Stock
Image: Push Square

It's taken more than two years, but we now live in a time where you can simply hop online and buy a PS5. Based on our surveillance, the current-gen console has been in perpetual stock for roughly a week now, following on from what seemed to be a huge boost in production and shipping over the last several months.

Sony told us this was coming, and the Japanese giant appears to have delivered on its promises. Company forecasts in 2022 suggested that the stock issues which have plagued the PS5 since launch would soon be cleared up, and this seems to be the result.

Previously, demand for the device far outstripped supply, which is obviously why snagging a PS5 was notoriously difficult. Sony's plans were largely crippled by the pandemic in 2020, 2021, and for much for 2022, as the global crisis hamstrung production at almost every level. But now, things have clearly evened out, as soaring stock in regions like Japan have catapulted the PS5 to new sales heights.

The PS5 also claimed an important commercial victory in the US last year, where it was the best selling console leading into the holiday period. What's more, Sony's system is now flying ahead of the Xbox Series X|S — its direct competition — in what has always been considered Microsoft's strongest territory.

Put all of this together, and Sony's financials are looking especially rosy as the rest of 2023 looms. The bottom line here is that the PS5 was already selling extremely well despite all of the stock issues — and now that it's actually readily available, there's basically no stopping it.

We've gone as far to suggest that this will be year when the PS5 is finally able to hit its stride — and it looks like Sony is well aware of this potential. A new and significant marketing push is underway worldwide, and the company simply wouldn't be making this kind of effort if it wasn't confident in its ability to ship PS5s.

It's the turnaround that Sony has been waiting for — and after two years of stock issues, it's honestly strange to see. The fact that you can just jump on a website like Amazon right now and nab a PS5 with no additional hassle almost feels like an alien concept.

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