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There had been a school of thought that, due to the various stock shortages, Sony and Microsoft were neck-and-neck in the all-important battleground of the United States. That’s actually not the case, and the PS5 is actually outperforming the Xbox Series X|S at a ratio greater than the PS4 against the Xbox One at the same point in the previous generation. And it’s something that Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki has alluded to during the manufacturer’s latest financial report.

“PS5 share, compared to peers, in Europe as opposed to the United States our position is higher,” he said, revealing perhaps unsurprisingly that Sony is dominating in Europe. “In the United States also, in the summer there was some narrowing of the gap, but more recently our share has expanded significantly.” This, of course, correlates with much greater availability of PS5 hardware.

Despite the success, Totoki and his team are not resting on their laurels. “This is something truly dynamic,” he said, “so we have to watch the situation carefully from the fourth quarter onwards.” But with Sony actually increasing its shipment targets for the current quarter, it’s difficult to see how the competition is going to keep pace. If anything, 2023 is shaping up to be a bit of a bloodbath.

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