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Sony had said that it aimed to ship 18 million PS5 consoles during the current fiscal year, which is scheduled to end on 31st March, 2023. That’s a bullish figure, which would have required it to ship an extraordinary 5.2 million units during the current quarter. But the company’s feeling so confident in its manufacturing pipeline, that it’s actually increased its guidance to 19 million units.

That means that the company now expects to ship 6.2 million units during the current quarter, which is just 900k less than the 7.1 million units it shipped during the previous three month period ending 31st December, 2022 – which, of course, included key holiday shopping windows such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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In fact, assuming it achieves its target, it would beat any of the PS4’s records for the same period by more than double. To put the numbers into context, the PS4 achieved a fourth quarter high in 2014, when it shipped three million units. Obviously, the Japanese giant is running a massive marketing campaign right now, celebrating the fact the format is finally readily available.

Assuming Sony is successful with its aims, the PS5 will have shipped near to 40 million units by the beginning of April, and it looks like the platform holder is not going to take its foot off the gas in 2023 either. This is shaping up to be a genuinely ginormous year for the new-gen console, assuming the organisation can successfully keep the hype rolling.