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If you’re still having trouble finding a PS5 console – and stock has massively improved in recent months, to be fair – then you’ll allegedly have no issues in 2023. A follow-up report from Insider-Gaming – which previously broke news of a slimmer PS5 model with a detachable disc drive – alleges that Sony will ship 30.5 million consoles in its next fiscal year, spanning April 2023 through March 2024. That’d mark a staggering increase on the 18 million units it expects to ship in its current fiscal year.

One way Sony intends to improve stock is with the aforementioned revised model with a detachable disc drive. This will give consumers more flexibility, as they can choose to purchase a console without an UHD Blu-ray slot and still opt to upgrade at a later date. It’ll also make manufacturing easier, with production expected to begin in April 2023 ahead of a September 2023 launch. It’s rumoured that the detachable drive will still slot into the console’s chassis, so while technically a standalone piece of hardware, it’ll look neat and tidy if you do decide to hook it up.

PS5 has got off to a strong start, selling 21.7 million units to date, but there’s a sense that without manufacturing issues and the pandemic, it could have done even better. It does feel like Sony is in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment, desperately waiting for stock to improve before it shares a glimpse of the future for the format. Assuming that’s the case, then 2023 could be a gigantic year.