PSVR2 PlayStation VR2 Sweet Spot Blurry Image
Image: Push Square

While there’s been a ton of positivity surrounding this week’s PSVR2 launch, one of the dominating discussions has pertained to how to fix blurry or unclear image quality. A large proportion of early adopters – both virtual reality veterans and complete rookies – are struggling to find the “sweet spot” in the lenses, which is the area that gives you the clearest view of the game world around you.

We must admit, we’ve struggled with this too, and have prepared a couple of guides to help you to get the best possible experience:

Even with these tips, though, there’s no doubt that this is fast emerging as one of PSVR2’s weaker elements. While the resolution is pin-sharp when the headset’s worn properly, knocking it slightly off kilter can result in blurring, chromatic aberration, and an overall softness to the image. This can even occur in-game, as the sweet spot is so small even a tiny movement in physical games like Pistol Whip can ruin the image quality.

We’re not really sure what can be done about this, as it’s ultimately a hardware issue rather than a bug or software flaw. Definitely read our tips if you’re struggling with this and keep faffing around with your fit until you find the optimal placement. But yeah, considering the sheer number of owners struggling with this, it’s a clear oversight from the manufacturer.

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