Eager to know how to wear the PSVR2 headset correctly and comfortably? Sony's done a great job creating a light and ergonomic virtual reality device, but all of the engineering in the world can't solve user error. PSVR2 is the most cutting-edge headset on the market, but nothing is more immersion shattering than a bad fit. As part of our PSVR2 guide, we're going to explain how to wear the headset correctly and comfortably.

PSVR2: How to Wear the Headset Correctly and Comfortably

On this page, we're going to explain some steps you can take to ensure you get a correct and comfortable fit with your PSVR2 headset. A lot of this is outlined during the initial setup, but if you need a refresher — or just some general suggestions — we've got you covered.

Plug in the Cable and Your Headphones

It should go without saying really, but the first step before any PSVR2 play session is to plug the USB Type-C cable into the front of your PS5 console. Setup is significantly easier with PSVR2 than the original PSVR, but obviously that cable is still required, so make sure you have it attached.

At this stage, we'd also recommend attaching your headphones if you're using a traditional pair of buds with a headphone jack. This is because finding the port can be quite challenging when you're wearing the headset itself, and if you're spending time getting a clean and comfortable fit, plugging headphones in later can knock the lenses off centre. Attach them first to avoid issues!

Pull Out the Screen and Turn the Headset On

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The next step you should take before putting on your PSVR2 headset is to pull out the front visor all the way. There's a button on the top of the unit itself which will release the screen and lenses and allow you to extend it outwards. Make sure you do this gently and carefully to avoid damage, and don't yank the headset beyond the point of resistance.

Once it's extended all the way, you can turn the headset on. PSVR2 will make a subtle rumbling motion to denote it's powered up, and the light on the front will also change from red to white. If you're not planning to use your television while playing, this is also a good opportunity to turn it off if you want to. You should also probably ensure your PSVR2 Sense Controllers are nearby, on an easy to reach surface.

Fit the Headset Over Your Head and Get a Rough Fit

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With all these steps completed, it's time to get a general fit. Push the button on the rear band of the PSVR2 headset and gently extend it over your head. Your goal at this stage should be to get a rough fit, but don't worry if the screen looks slightly out of focus as you'll finetune it later. Put the headset in a comfortable location, where it's resting safely over your head without too much pressure on the bridge of your nose.

Remember, you're free to wriggle the PSVR2 headset about a bit to get it into place, so move it around until it feels like it's in roughly the right position. Resist the urge to tighten the fit at this point, and pay attention to what you're seeing on the screen. It'll likely be a bit blurry and unfocused, so massage the front band around your forehead until you find a good location that balances comfort with image quality. If the screen looks significantly out of focus, try bringing the rear band down a bit further, as this can help you to find the sweet spot.

Pull in the Screen and Finetune Your Fit

Now it's time to bring the visor in by pushing the same button as earlier and gently moving it towards your face. Depending on whether or not you're wearing prescription glasses, you'll want to move the screen near to your eyes without them touching up against the glass. Aim for a comfortable fit without any pressure on the bridge your nose or your forehead. Pay attention to what you're seeing on the screen, and aim for as much sharpness and clarity as possible.

At this point, you may be wondering How to Fix Blurry or Unclear Image Quality. While we have a separate guide with more thoughtful suggestions on that, you'll want to massage the front band around your forehead until you find the sweet spot and the picture looks sharp and clear. The best advice we can give is to focus on a line of text preferably in the middle of the screen, and gently move the headset around until it looks pixel perfect. Once you find that sweet spot, tighten the dial on the back until the headset is secured into place. Be careful not to tighten it so much that it's putting pressure on your head; you're looking for a comfortable fit that limits sliding and movement, without causing pinching or pain.

And that's it! If you're using overhead wireless headphones, then pop them on over the top of your headset. Otherwise, insert your ear buds and grab your PSVR2 Sense Controllers using passthrough mode. It may be worth checking the PS5's user interface to ensure all of the text and images are clear, before picking a game and preparing to play. If you need to make any more adjustments to the fit, try gently wiggling the headset about using the front band, and be sure to tighten it up again once you find the optimal spot.

That concludes our guide on how to wear the PSVR2 headset correctly and comfortably. Did this page help you to get a perfect fit, and do you have any other suggestions at all for making the most of your virtual reality device? Check out our PSVR2 guide for more information, and let us know in the comments section below.