No Man's Sky has a well-documented history of huge, game-changing updates, and that record continues with Fractal, the latest major (and free) expansion. Released today on all platforms, you can download this patch now and enjoy everything it brings to the table. The headline act this time around is full support for PSVR2, but there's plenty more besides that.

For PSVR2, Hello Games has given the virtual reality version of the game a complete visual overhaul so it all looks nice and sharp on Sony's new headset. It'll also support all the bells and whistles, meaning you'll get haptic feedback in the headset and the Sense controllers, adaptive triggers, 3D audio, and more. The HUD and menus have been redesigned; you can change settings on your Multi-Tool with a menu embedded on the in-world device, and a wrist-mounted display lets you interface with the quick menu easily. Additionally, the PSVR2 version of the game adds immersive physicality, such as opening your starship's cockpit manually to get in, unholstering your Multi-Tool from your shoulder, and even engaging enemies with your fists. On paper, it looks like proper, full-throated support, so we're excited to give it a try.

Elsewhere, the Fractal update introduces a whole bunch of other new things. Firstly, there's the Utopia Speeder, a new type of ship that can skim above a planet's surface at high speeds. You then have a new Expedition named 'Utopia', asking players to work together to "rebuild an abandoned solar system for the mysterious Utopia Foundation". Rewards include an exclusive helmet, a giant robot companion, and more.

Gyroscopic aiming is also being introduced as an option on supported platforms, including PS5 and PS4, and a new Wonders Catalogue allows you to look back at all your best discoveries, such as tallest mountain or biggest creature. On top of all that, there are new accessibility options to tinker with to adjust your experience.

It's a mammoth update, and there are even more details to be discovered on the official website. Will you be jumping back into No Man's Sky with PSVR2? Hop aboard in the comments section below.