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MultiVersus was something of a phenomenon when it burst onto the scene in August of last year, quickly racking up more than 10 million players before it was even out of open beta. Obviously, games that have a buzz about them can generally attract an audience at launch (especially if they're free to play), but keeping those people playing is the hard part.

According to both SteamDB and, at the time of this writing, around 700 people are playing MultiVersus concurrently, which is down more than 99% from a Steam peak of 153,433., which pulls data from the game's API across all platforms, shows that 15,180,347 unique players have booted up the game at some point or another.

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The most bizarre aspect (at least, in our opinion) is that MultiVersus is an awesome video game, with competitive legs and plenty of post-launch support, to boot. And while, sure, we admittedly might not have played much since the week after launch per se, we would have gladly bet that at least a couple of thousand folks around the world still would. Perhaps we weren't the only ones.

Are you surprised by MultiVersus' current player numbers? When was the last time you booted up the game? Pour one out for those we lost in the comments section below.

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