MultiVersus 10 Million PS5 PS4

The free-to-play platform fighter MultiVersus is doing insanely well for itself right now, and it's not even technically finished. WB Games and Player First Games have had the game in open beta for several weeks now, and while the 1.0 launch is yet to come, it's still amassed a huge number of players.

According to stat tracking site, which pulls data from the game's API, MultiVersus is currently sitting at approximately 10.5 million unique players across all platforms. That's pretty nuts for a game that's been available publicly for less than a month, and is still in beta.

Obviously the game has hit one or two snags so far, with some unbalanced characters and moves needing attention as well as some other bugs, but it's otherwise been a huge success. It helps that the crossover brawler is great fun — we've been loving the game, and the delayed arrival of Season 1 promises plenty more to look forward to.

Are you among the tens of millions of MultiVersus players? Will you be sticking with it as it evolves? Choose your character in the comments section below.

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