Marvel’s Midnight Suns may not have sold to 2K Games’ expectations, but it’s still a great strategy title that’s well worth giving a go. Fortunately, you have no excuse not to if you’re a PS Plus Premium subscriber, as a two hour trial is available right now. There’s also a 40 per cent discount on the Enhanced and Legendary editions for all PS Plus members if you choose to pick up the full release.

And there’s never been a better time to join the team, as Eddie Brock’s anticipated symbiote expansion is coming on 23rd February, bringing Venom to the party:

“In Redemption, Venom – the deadly amalgam of Eddie Brock and an alien symbiote – joins the Midnight Suns as a recruitable hero to right the wrongs he committed under Lilith's demonic influence, bringing new abilities and an insatiable appetite to chew through evildoers,” the press release reads. “Redemption includes three new story missions that continue off of the first DLC, which introduced the threat of vampyres on New York City. Players will want to build Venom's unique Research project Whisper Web, which expands the tactical options for the Intel resource.”

In addition to the new campaign missions and Abbey upgrade, you’ll also gain access to new skins and outfits for the character, so quite a lot to dig into. If you purchased the Legendary edition or Season Pass, then you’ll get access to this DLC at no extra cost. It is available standalone as well, though, assuming you’re only interested in the Venom content.