Marvel's Midnight Suns PS5 PlayStation 5 Sales Performance Flop
Image: Push Square

A few months removed from the release of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, we’re still not entirely sure what to think of it. The game certainly felt different to your bog-standard superhero fare: it fused Slay the Spire deck-building with grid-based strategy gameplay and a Fire Emblem: Three Houses-inspired social simulation aspect. It was bizarre – creative, yes, but given the release’s emphasis on constant communication, we found its writing to be a roadblock.

Given how unusual the game was, it’s perhaps not surprising to learn that it’s been a bit of a commercial flop. While we’re still awaiting the full interview for complete context, Take Two’s publishing bigwig Strauss Zelnick told Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier that he believes the December release window may not have helped, but that he’s hopeful the title could have a long tail, like other products from talented developer Firaxis.

We’ve already seen this release get some pretty deep discounts, and it’s possible that the generally positive word of mouth surrounding it will elevate its status over time. Ultimately, though, while we respect the title’s unorthodox approach, we don’t think the execution was quite strong enough to elevate it into must play status. And for that reason, it’s probably going to remain a difficult sell.