PSVR2 2MD VR Football Unleashed Sony PlayStation 5 PS5 Trophies
Image: Push Square

We’re now weeks away from the release of Sony’s next-gen virtual reality headset PSVR2, and the first Trophies are beginning to hit the platform holder’s servers. Arcade-inspired American football outing 2MD: VR Football Unleashed All-Star is the first to have its gongs published – and yes, there’s a Platinum to strive for if you think you’re the master of the two-minute drill.

In total, there are 25 trinkets to collect, many of which revolve around scoring touchdowns, earning points, and winning matches. We did find the difficulty in the PSVR original ramped up a little bit on later levels, but assuming this version isn’t harder, earning the Platinum shouldn’t cause you too much trouble – especially if you consider yourself a prospective Patrick Mahomes.

We suspect a lot more PSVR2 titles will start to hit Sony’s servers over the coming days, as the Japanese giant gets ready for launch day. Remember, you can refer to a full list of All PSVR2 Launch Games through the link – but you may want to pour yourself a hot cup of cocoa for that, there’s a lot of software to peruse.