Sony’s somewhat muted PSVR2 marketing means we’re still learning new things less than three weeks before the headset releases. Gran Turismo 7 was quietly announced for the new-gen device at CES last month, and IGN has the first details on the free upgrade. The bottom line: previewer Ryan McCaffrey is visibly elated with it.

In the short interview – which features a ton of first gameplay footage – he confirms that it’s the full game, and is actually played with the DualSense controller, rather than the new PSVR2 Sense Controllers. (You can also use a steering wheel and pedals if you have the complete hardcore setup, of course.)

McCaffrey gets into some pretty personal anecdotes, but they’ll no doubt excite prospective headset owners. He mentions how sitting inside the game’s virtual DeLorean reminded him of his own real-life car, and he explains that the experience is so convincing he only realised he was playing in virtual reality when he didn’t encounter physical sensations, like the lurch of the car braking hard.

He continues that the headset’s haptic feedback is used to replicate real-world sensations, like when the car crashes into a wall. And he adds that the whole thing is running at a full 120 frames-per-second flawlessly. He says some of the crispness from the menus is lost, but in-game it looks more or less identical to the pancake release.

He concludes that if you’re buying PSVR2 and don’t own Gran Turismo 7, it’ll be one of the games you need to get. All in all, he’s overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the experience and the hardware. We can’t wait to test it out for ourselves!