Fans could already discover the Leviathan Axe in London earlier this week, and now Thor’s iconic Mjolnir has struck India, as Sony’s aggressive PS5 marketing campaign takes the world by storm. In order to celebrate refreshed availability of its new-gen system, the Japanese giant also recently erected a Clawstrider in Poland and a gigantic console in Dubai.

The platform holder has said that it will be much easier to find PS5 stock this year, and it’s trying to – ahem – hammer home that point with a series of larger-than-life displays, all designed to bring popular PlayStation franchises into the real-world. Earlier this week, the manufacturer actually increased its already enormous shipment forecasts for the current quarter, which is perhaps reflected by the scale of this marketing campaign.

It’s shaping up to be an enormous year for PlayStation, with tons of highly anticipated titles scheduled to release, and surely a showcase or two pencilled into the calendar. And with PS5 consoles now readily available, it means Sony can freely advertise the format, safe in the knowledge that prospective customers can finally pick one up.