Company of Heroes 3 is a strategy game that is all about player choice, giving budding commanders options in how they deal with the challenges ahead. In a new trailer, developers from Relic Entertainment demonstrate the different ways in which a single mission can be accomplished, and it all begins with company choice.

The first plays as the British Indian Artillery company and uses units of elite Ghurkha rifles to hold the line while pounding the enemy into submission with heavy artillery. The second deploys the American Airborne company, parachuting highly mobile squads of Pathfinder paratroopers behind enemy lines, but anti-air guns hamper their efforts. Finally, the third calls in a British Armour company, rolling a Churchill Black Prince heavy tank right down the enemy's throats and forcing them to react to this threat.

Previously, we have seen showcases for both the British Forces and the Deutsches Afrikakorps. The PC version of Company of Heroes is set to launch on 23rd February, with a console version set to follow at some point in 2023.

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