Platform holders Microsoft and Nintendo will not bother with a presence on the E3 2023 show floor according to a new report from IGN. Joining Sony — who hasn't attended the convention since 2018 — it raises more questions about what the expo will look like as Reedpop takes over management of the event. This doesn't stop the three companies from hosting livestreamed events around the same time as E3, but it sounds like first-party titles won't be playable on an E3 showfloor.

Microsoft has already confirmed it will be hosting a showcase in the summer, and Nintendo will likely have a Direct to reveal more Switch titles. Sony could have a State of Play up its sleeve for June, or even a big PlayStation Showcase. None of these events need a presence at E3 itself to take place, so the decision to not attend affects the credibility of the expo and those actually going more than anything else.

Last year, Geoff Keighley hosted a small alternative to E3 in the form of press days surrounding the Summer Game Fest branding. These will return this year, so it'll be interesting to see whether Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo have their games there instead.

Last year, Reedpop spoke of wanting to "re-establish the traditional E3 week". However, without the three main platform holders on board, that seems like an already difficult task made even harder.

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