E3 2023

ReedPop is looking to "re-establish the traditional E3 week" next year as it confirms the physical show will return to the Los Angeles Convention Center on 13th-16th June 2023. The first two days will give press outlets the chance to get their hands on the latest upcoming titles from the world's biggest gaming companies, and then the general public will join the show floor.

In partnering with ReedPop, the ESA wants to deliver on three objectives as it returns E3 to a physical event:

  • Make a better business event where it's easier to connect, meet and conduct interviews.
  • Make a better consumer experience where there are things for fans to actually do.
  • Partner, support and be friends with everyone announcing games in and around E3, irrespective of whether they're actually in the convention center.

VP of gaming at ReedPop Kyle Marsden-Kish said: "E3 is one of the global gaming industry’s few opportunities to come together, unite as one loud voice, and show the world what it is creating. Our vision is to reunite the industry by re-establishing the traditional E3 week, bring back that spark, and restore E3's role as a truly magical global showcase event for game creators and consumers."

For the press, there'll be half of the entire convention center dedicated to quieter and comfier booths where journalists can concentrate on playing upcoming games for coverage, and then network off to the side with industry members and writers from other outlets. Before, during, and after the show, business attendees will also "receive data, insight, interviews and analysis direct to their inboxes and in print".

For the fans attending, indie games and publishers will be more easily accessible and there'll be presentations to watch both in person and online. Those aren't the big publisher showcases, which are said to take place starting the Sunday before. E3 will try to officially partner with as many of those as possible. E3 2023 will "reunite the global video game industry for a week of titanic AAA reveals, earth-shaking world premieres, and exclusive access to the future of video games," a press release explained back in July.

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[source gamesindustry.biz]