Sky season remembrance push square

Hot off the heels of the Season of Aurora in thatgamecompany's latest visual wonder, Sky: Children of the Light has entered into a new season: one of...remembrance. Season of Remembrance kicked off on 16th January 2023 and brings with it a whole slew of new content, so you can start playing now.

Listed among the new content, you can expect to most notably see some updates to shared spaces, with the UI and management being streamlined to more easily allow you to hop in and engage with your friends. Additionally, the latest update will include a host of items available to place in shared spaces, with the expectation of continually adding more and more items to this mode to continue in the future.

And, of course, a new season means a new season pass, which can be had for $9.99. And, if you want to get in on the latest season, you'll have until 2nd April 2023 to accomplish everything you're hoping to.

Are you excited about Sky's new season? Did you get to experience one of Aurora's in-game concerts last season? Planning on getting the season pass? Give us a chirp in the comments below.