Atomic Heart PS5 PS4

The graphical resolution of Atomic Heart will be changed on the fly to ensure it always runs at 60 frames-per-second, developer Mundfish has revealed. Responding to a fan on Twitter, the team says that inside "dungeons", the game will run at 4K, 60fps. When you leave those closed environments for the open world, though, the resolution changes to be more dynamic, meaning it can't always guarantee a native 4K output. This feature only applies to the PS5 version.

Due for a PS5, PS4 release on 21st February 2023, a variety of trailers have painted Atomic Heart as a bombastic game with lots of guns and powers. Whether it actually turns out to be any good remains to be seen, but there are now only a handful of weeks left until it's out. Are you interested? Let us know in the comments below.